Thursday, December 15, 2011

We are thrilled to have Liz and Brendan's August wedding featured on Style Me Pretty today! Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven was the perfect venue to highlight their unique style. We knew the moment we saw their Save the Date cards that it would be a special evening. From the Collection of Family Recipes, to the special centerpiece bottles on the tables, to the hand drawn signs and photo was a wedding to remember. Beyond the Lens captured the true spirit of the evening with amazing photos......check it out here and make sure you click into the Gallery of Images, too!

Friday, December 2, 2011

20% Off

Take advantage of our fun winter offer! Now through April, save 20% on the menu cost of your next catered event. See coupon offer above and mention it when you call or email us for more details. Look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nominee for Restaurateur of the Year!

A Thyme to Cook is so excited and proud to announce that the Connecticut Restaurant Association has chosen us as a Nominee for Restaurateur of the Year! What this means tho is you, our valued friends and colleagues are the votes we need. You can vote for us on-line at

Voting is open until October 24th. The winners will be announced at the CRA Annual Salute to Excellence Awards Dinner on November 9th at the Mohegan Sun Casino. Wish Us Luck! - and don't forget to vote!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Good Times on Tuesday!

Saltwater Farm Vineyard hosted a crowd pleasing Business After Hours at their fabulous Vineyard and we were delighted to be a part of this joint venture and donate our fabulous food. It's always great to see our local business peeps!
Co-Sponsoring it and providing the food, our stationary hors d'oeuvre tables and display, were designed by our two talented event coordinators, Gina and Dave, creating fantastic settings for several small plate presentations.
A clothes line of Wonton Crisps (imprinted with the Saltwater Farm Crane) hung above our "Hot Rocks" Station with Chef Bills homemade Naan Breads - both accompanied by pickled vegetables and chutney's.
Butlered Hors d'oeuvres were: BLT Sushi with Wasabi Aioli; Calamari in Paper Cones with Lime Zest; Buffalo Chicken "Pops"; Skewered Watermelon, Grape, Tomato and Basil with Balsamic Drizzle; Fruit "Pearls" on Corn Lime Edible Spoons. Then we surprised some of the 250 Guests with our "Fizzy Grapes" and House Made Basil Sorbet served on Chocolate Edible Spoons.
Big Thanks to both the Mystic and Eastern Chambers for putting this great event together!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Graduation Celebration

This weekend we had the pleasure of catering for one of our North Stonington peeps - Cinda and Jim threw a fun celebration for their daughter Jen, a recent law school graduate. Cinda sent along a wonderful thank you note so we thought we would share it with our friends. Thank you!!!

Hi Lori,
We just want to thank you, Linda, and your staff for providing a memorable event to celebrate Jenn's Law School Graduation. The food was delicious and beautifully displayed. Lisa, Cindy, Jared and Kelly were very professional, personable and detail-oriented, making sure that everyone had a great time and plenty to eat. There were positive comments all around! We're glad the weather cooperated making the event even better after all the rainy weather.
We've also attached a picture of Cindy, Lisa and Jared that we hope you'll share with them. We thought it came out nice.

Once again, a big thank you for everything everyone did for our event!
Cinda & Jim

Friday, May 20, 2011

"Taste of the Sound"

On Friday, May 20th, 2011, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM, the Long Island Sound Foundation debuts their
a new annual fundraiser to be held at the Branford House Mansion in Groton

A Thyme to Cook joins local and regional restaurants, caterers, bakeries, hotels and inns are donating food tasting stations. Beverage vendors, caterers and distributors are donating wine, beer and specialty drink stations.

The event is a benefit for the Long Island Sound Foundation, a non-profit organization that celebrates the health of our waterways and strives to educate individuals, groups and businesses about preserving and protecting Long Island Sound and the watershed.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cheers to Maugle Sierra Vineyards

On Thursday May 5th the ATTC office staff spent a terrific day at Maugle Sierra Vineyard in Ledyard. Paul Maugle was a most generous host for our off site brainstorming/staff meeting. The gorgeous, comfortable and sun lit tasting room offered us a magnificent and comfortable space to spread out for our Round Table Meeting to discuss “What Makes ATTC Tick... and Keep on Ticking". Our chefs provided us with a delicious “boxed lunch” of grilled chicken over field greens & veggies with raspberry vinaigrette. The four wonderful wines Paul selected for us touched everyone’s palate. Chocolate Cupcakes – filled, frosted & adorned with a magnificent chocolate dipped strawberry for dessert placed chocolaty smiles on our faces. Thank you Paul for having us. We are looking forward to getting back to see you again with our family and friends very, very soon.
left to right: Lori, Dave, Alicia, Paul Maugle, Serena, Linda & Gina

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Friend Celebrates 100 Years in Business

Last evening my husband Steve and I were honored to join Russell Morin Fine Catering as they celebrated their Centennial. With 100 years of experience, the evening was of course just spectacular! Congratulations Russ!

Monday, May 2, 2011


On our recent trip to Venice, we were fortunate to be given tickets (from our friends at Oliva Nera) to this amazing wine consortium, celebrating its 45th year, in Verona.

We were excited at the prospect of spending a day doing nothing but drinking wine! And were totally unprepared for both the magnitude as well as the compelling nature of this event. There were 12 HUGE--I mean, beyond HUGE pavilions, each representing a different Italian region and its' respective wines, spread out over a massive area. Each pavilion had anywhere from 200-3,000 wineries represented--we were psyched and couldn't wait to get to the Brunello di Montalcino section!

It takes alot to intimidate me, especially when it comes to wine, but this experience was a whole different ballgame! This was serious, very intense negotiations with wineries, exporters, importers, etc. All we could see was a sea of men in dark suits, engaged in wild Italian conversation, gesturing and drinking wine and (outside the pavilions) smoking cigarettes like crazy! Besides the fact that hardly anyone spoke English AND that we definitely did not appear to be in the 'business,' it was an overwhelming experience. We did manage to do some justice to some excellent wines (none of the brunello's though.)

Another aspect of this event is the Agricultural Divison which did the same for Olive Oil as it did for the wines. Imagine 20,000 different kinds of Olive Oils under 1 roof! Again, this is serious business, and all the oils were sealed and airtight inbetween tastings, so that no oxidation would affect the flavor. I can still feel all the different notes of those oils...

It was a once in a lifetime experience; I was told that there were 146,000 attendees at this 4 day conference, and I was honored to be among them.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tonights Meeting

We are so excited to have our friend and colleague Lisa Teiger owner of Cuisine Etc., in NYC joining our CT Caterers Association meeting tonight. Thanks for coming Lisa!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Memories of Venice

How does one go from a magical vacation in Venice back to the reality of a dreary April in Southeastern Connecticut!?

Hold on to the memories and the flavor!
A few things about this trip to Venice (will go into more detail later)

- Our dear friends Isabella and Dino (and their amazing food) at Osteria Oliva Nera

-Julie- the server at Oliva Nera, with a radiant smile, deftness, speed and perception--would you like to work for ATTC?!

-Eating tons of food and walking it all off--or most of it anyway!

-Negronis--the best

-Watching amazing construction/renovation from boat barges-remember, the roads are canals and the streets are the buildings in Venice

-No cars...yay!

-Works of Giambattista Tiepolo

-A contemporary world that exists within the confines of ancient history

-The delicate stuffed zucchini blossoms at Oliva Nera--absolute heaven on a fork

-Pumping Stations--taking your empty water to your local "P.S." to fill up with local wines

-Aqua Alta- we never visit Venice in season and have had the luxury of dining in restaurants (wearing our muck boots) sitting in 6'' of water

-Proximity to--Alto Adige--another world where Italy and Germany blend flavors

-Seeing my favorite color purple--in everything, on everyone, every shade, everywhere

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Wonderful Kitchen Staff!!

It was nice to have all of our kitchen staff together in one place at the same time. Chef Sean directed our Annual Kitchen Training on Thursday and we are all very excited for the upcoming year!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Taste of Venice!

I can almost taste Venice right now. We are leaving for a long over due trip back to our friends in Venice. Having missed being back for a few years now, we frequently visited there in the off seasons. (March-April or November, which is prime aqua alta season and we live in our Muck-boots!!)
We can't wait to see our dear friends Isabella and Dino of Osteria Oliva Nera, in the Castello region of Venice. Their food is pure inspiration--the best of flavors coupled with their warm hospitality, is quite addictive and we can't wait to get our "fix!!"

Check out their website and eat your heart out!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring is in the air!

Our ATTC garden is beginning to wake up from winter

We can see lots of Salad Burnet--an old fashioned herb which has beautiful accordion like leaves that unfold and taste like cucumber. Munching on one always makes me think of summer.

Our lovage is also sprouting. Lovage is a bit like celery but is more anise-like in flavor and has a hollow stem--making it ideal for sipping Bloody Marys! It is one of the secret ingredients in our mixed herb pesto and is great in salads. My mouth is watering for summer right now.

We have lots of varieties of Thyme, Sage, Chives and other alliums, and Japanese parsley. Perhaps my favorite unusual herb is angelica. These rich red or deep green stems are topped with big umbrella like ball of "flowers," and it self seeds easily. It takes about 2-3 years to flower and can grow up to 8 feet tall in some conditions. You've probably seen "candied angelica" (as a flavoring and/or dessert with Italian pastries and fruit cake.) Chef Bill is always finding crazy wats to use this striking element.

I was happy to see that our rosemary plant winterized over perfectly and is flowering up a storm in our greenhouse. And, we are crossing our fingers that our Lemon Verbena trees survive their 7th winter. The leaf of this "tender" perennial tree has very high concentration of oil so it is magical when we need to infuse a lemon flavor.

The Japanese Parsley is now at its 3rd year of rejuvenating--in fact, it may be rejuvenating "too much" as it seems to be everywhere.

Now, if someone would promise me that we won't have any snow in the next few days, I'd be a happy caterer and gardener!!

Monday, March 28, 2011


As off-premises caterers who work in field kitchens ie. tents, landing strips, trucks, garages, closets - hardly ever in a real kitchen, we are always concerned about safe food practices. The state of CT requires there be at least one "Serve Safe Certified" staff person at each event and ATTC policy is that in addition to chefs, all managers, must have a full understanding of this information and become certified as well. So instead of Sunday being the proverbial "day of rest" we came to class!
Our own Rachael LaPort, a certified instructor held our own (private) "Serve Save" Certification class for 25 members of our team. She was great making it relevant to catering. Tho I have taken lots of these courses before, I always learn something new. Being a nurse, I thought I was interested in bacteria but Rachael takes it a step further and managed to energize everyone in cockroaches (NOT in North Stonington!) as well as Listeria, Giardiasis, Anisakiasis and the knowing the sweet taste of the bacteria when milk goes sour - she gets into it!!!

A few of the key points we covered: Changing food gloves after each task; the importance of establishing REAL hand washing stations in cooktents; utilizing "time/temp" principals (very important as we transport raw food items from our cookery to the venue for on site cooking); the importance of avoiding cross contamination - and tons more!

I guess my point in telling you all this is that at ATTC take we take our responsibility of preparing and serving food quite seriously. Staff training is a priority with us and over the next few months we will be conducting our "refresher" courses in various subjects for seasoned staff as well as our intensive program for new team members.

Along with you, we all enjoy a great party - but always know your "gut" is our priority!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The All-Mighty Paper Clip

Who doesn't love office supplies? Our A Thyme to Cook office definitely does. Just the thought of opening a 4 door/2 drawer cabinet, a closet or our own desk drawers looking for just the note pad, sticky note, pen, pencil, eraser, stapler, tape, staple remover, white out, calculator, highlighter, sharpie, push pin, ruler, and of course our all time favorite... the paper clip. The paper clip is a love hate relationship here in our office. How many of us had a document slide ever so quietly under a paper clip and become attached to a file or proposal it doesn't any right being involved in? So, last week Linda had a meeting with her good friend and financial advisor and they got on the subject of this very thing. Alex banished paper clips from his office and Linda loved the idea so much she said never is a paper clip to be used again! So the binder clip is now the #1 most used office product at A Thyme to Cook - well besides the bottomless 75 count bottle of Advil...

Monday, March 21, 2011

How Do Caterers Get Fired Up???

They go to Catersource!

Held annually in Vegas, I returned a few weeks ago and am still recovering. Part of my delay recovering is due to flight issues involving Cleveland. No offense to those of you who live there but I do not want to ever connect through Hopkins International Airport Hell again in my lifetime! OK - am done venting... let me tell you about Vegas!

Catersource is an annual gathering of ~6000 caterers from all over the world. This 4 day symposium involves seminars and presentations that range from the latest food trends, hands on culinary experiences, management issues, 24/7 cater-talk and of course a few parties, (or extravaganzas) that are mind blowing! (Try emptying out your swimming pool and have a party in it). As it is held in conjunction with Event Solutions, there is also an entire program of courses dealing with the latest style, event design and execution.

The International Caterers Association provides much of the high-level education at this conference and produces the annual CATIE Award ceremony. Most of you know we were nominated for a CATIE for our Mad Hatter Cake. To be nominated (for these catering Oscars) alone is the thrill of a lifetime as recognition from our peers is such an honor. To date, we have had 15 nominations and two awards (just call me the Susan Lucci of the CATIES!). For me the best part of the conference is the camaraderie, exchange of ideas, sharing and generous support among catering professionals of all kinds. Developing relationships with others who have the same passion for our industry is invaluable and gets our creative juices flowing. I am grateful to be on the ICA board and thankful for this annual dose of inspiration and recognition.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Too Much of a Good Thing

I love cake--especially good cake. To me, the best breafast is a slice of leftover wedding cake and a strong cup of coffee. I always feel that way--until cake week...

Cake week is a 7 day non-stop cake tasting extravaganza where our brides come in (just about every hour of every day) to sample cake flavors, fillings, etc.

Our cake bakers are phenomenal and their creations never cease to amaze me:

*Red Velvet that knocks your socks off
*Snickerdoodle--a legit suprising blend of creamy cinnamon
*Amaretto/Kahula with a chocolate ganache that melts in your mouth
*Coconut & Key Lime is a tropical dream

Cake week is over now, and I personally do not want to see cake for quite a while...except maybe if June wants to make her amazing Cherry Nut cake..?!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Linda's "Thyme for Wine" Thoughts

Most of you know I am a full-fledge ‘wino’. I love enjoying a great food-friendly, drinkable wine as well as slowly savoring a rare, special bottle that often accompanies a significant event—
So here are some random wine thoughts---

Love the local?---doesn’t get any better than being next-door to the Jonathan Edwards Winery! Beautiful venue, great people and wonderful wines. Their stone tables red is one of the BEST values around—if you don’t know the story of the stone table, just ask Jonathon. I love ALL their wines, but what really gets me going—especially during this time of the year, is their DARK (formerly called Port). Run, don’t walk to get this to savor with the last bite of fabulous single origin chocolate you have left from Valentine’s day.

Love the far away? Constantia Uitsig of South Africa----Memories of sipping their lemony, rounded-honey-like sauvignon blanc while enjoying a stay at this amazing (natural, relaxing, tranquil vineyard/hotel) in Cape Town, SA, are just as fresh as they were a few years ago. And the cuisine was parallel to the wine---wish I had some now!

Gotta love the "ups and downs" – the "good and the bad". Another flavor coming to mind is that of Chateau D’Yquem. My former husband and I had an appreciable wine cellar. And as was our tradition to celebrate memorable(good or bittersweet) occasions with great wines, we “enjoyed”—(enjoy may not quite be the right word!) a bottle of it after we got divorced. It is truly the Nectar of the Gods—and everyone really needs to have at least a taste of it in their lifetime. It is not for the faint of heart---or budget—this is royal wine and should be treated accordingly.
I think I need some wine now!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

What is a caterer..?

The definition varies between the vision of what one saw on the old TV show, with food being delivered out of a house kitchen and dropped off in the neighborhood as well as the local deli preparing platters of cold cuts and seran wraps them up and is available for pick up. This is not to say anything negative about either one, as they each have shaped catering history.

However, the history of ATTC's 27 years of catering is absolutely the opposite of those.

We provide an EXPERIENCE--not just the food--and in order to do so, we have to adhere to very strict regulations, sanitation and insurance guidelines. Before we even get out the door, we are inspected by the health department regularly. Our kitchen is not a house kitchen, but a separate 8,000 sq ft building comprised of cod ---(impervious walls), we are fully licensed, insured (up the wazoo---remember LS was a former NO and is VERY liability conscious); our employees are all on payroll and are trained not only by us (in several seasonal seminars), but also TIPS certified (BT) and serve safe certified (kitchen and managers). Being on the board of ICA, LS regularly sends employees to major educational opportunities throughout the country.

We also do not cook food at our cookery and bring it in warming ovens to serve 6 hours later. Our chefs prepare everything from scratch--yes--everything. Bill makes all our own breads, fresh pasta, etc. and we prepare/marinet, etc. food here and then bring enough equipment to set up a field kitchen wherever we go. Even if the event site has a full kitchen, we generally just use the power and water as we don't like taking chances on ovens that may not be cleaned or calibrated properly. So we lug in 8 burner stoves, grills, induction units, convection ovens, steamers, you name it--we bring it--in addition to all the behind the scene items that no one ever thinks about--tray stands, coffee servers, salt and pepper shakers, wine-away for those emergency red wine disasters, foam pads to protect wooden floors from scratch, rental chairs, sewing kits, even epi pens!

On the day of the event, we are responsible for--the weather (we wish!!!), parking issues, rentals, portolets, septic system drainage, power and safety supply, coordination with site staff, vendors! We are control freaks who do not like suprises but also thrive in being able to rise above them. Caterers are crazy!

Friday, March 4, 2011

We Are SOOOO Spoiled!!!

How spoiled are we at A Thyme to Cook? VERY! Each week or two, our chefs come up with an idea for a new menu to add to our sample menus, or just an idea for a new way to do a single food item. Today Bill and Joe made a few scrumptious yummies for us to try. The scallops are (always) from our friends at Stonington Seafood Harvesters - aka "Bomsters".
They are so amazingly sweet and succulent! Today they were marinated with whiskey and vanilla and topped with spicy chocolate panko crumbs

Then we enjoyed honey marinated beef short ribs braised with sherry and soy. And how soft and tender and delicious! The sides were a cool smoked paprika slaw (napa, cabbage, zucchini and carrots) along with three cauliflower "couscous"'s so amazing and we know you all will see this idea popping up but if you whir up cauliflower florets in a food processor (not the stems) to a consistancy of couscous it really looks like couscous but - no starch! And flavor it like you would a couscous dish and its a really simple veggie side. We tasted curry cashew cauliflower couscous; currant, cashew and caper & the fresh and always wonderful mixed herbs.

And then dessert - A S'more cake...good graceous it looks like a marshmallow right off of the cammpfire! Bill came up with a recipe that encompased all of the elements into the 3 layer cake...sorry didn't get a shot of the inside of the cake - we devoured it too fast!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vegas Bound!!!

The International Catering Association (ICA) is making a huge presence at Catersource Conference this year! Annually held in Las Vegas, we have a huge presence at Catersource Conference, the largest gathering of caterers in the world--8,000 just last year! In our inspiration Zone at the Attendee Lounge, members can browse marketing materials from ICA caterers throughout the world.
Information can be downloaded at "The Zone" or ICA members will find it for free on the ICA website after the conference. Visit This value is priceless!!!

Our mission is to raise the level of the bar in the catering world through education at seminars, webinars, networking, etc. Being on the Board and Chair of Membership Committee is challenging and time consuming (just ask Lori!) but enlightening, educational and the rewards are immeasurable. Being able to brainstorm, problem-solve, interact and share ideas with caterers who are experiencing the same issues is such a bonus in our industry, where people are usually too rushed to ever hang out and "CaterTalk." The ICA is famous for sharing of information with caterers of all kinds everywhere.
This year, ATTC is honored to be nominated for a CATIE Award in its Speciality Cake Category, for an outstanding, "Mad Hatter" cake by our phenomenal cake baker decorator, Lynn. There are several categories of CATIE Awards, all submissions are anonymous and the criteria is quite rigid. It is an honor just to be nominated -- so I'm crossing my fingers for next week. WISH US LUCK!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Delightful Chocolate...

A Thyme to Cook is Crazy about chocolate - in sweet & savory dishes alike. And we have been using this mystery component in mole sauce, as well as chili, beef stew, braised venison and even white fish! Try combining dark chocolate with bacon, pink peppercorns, chili peppers, wasabi, Indian curry, ginger, cinnamon, coarse sea salt, coco nibs or chocolate pearls.

Pictured to the right are two fantastic desserts he tried out last week - yes major diet hazard is working one flight of stairs away from the cookery kitchen! On the left, Grilled Pineapple, White Chocolate Poundcake & next to it Kahlua, Coco Nib Chocolate Tort with Molten Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Pop Rocks. YUM!

And then here is Bill's FAMOUS S'more ENTIRELY dipped in Ecuardorian Chocolate and then Graham Cracker Crumbs along side Chambord Wasabi Hot Chocolate with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. Just perfect on a cold February afternoon.
We just can't forget about all of the other fantastic creations Bill has experimented with lately - Chili Spiked Hot White & Dark Chocolate swirled together in mugs; White Chocolate Pineapple Coconut Triangles with "Absolut" Peppar Simple Syrup; Single Origin Chocolate Truffles with Basil and Espresso Salt; Dark Chocolate & Green Curry "Pearls" on White Chocolate Pot de Creme. And not to forget our tofu fans, here is one to win over your "I don't do tofu" peeps - Bourbon infused Tofu layered with Homemade Caramel & Pecan Dipped ENTIRELY (by now you know there isn't any other way) in Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate and then Lightly Sprinkled with Sea Salt. Way better then a Milky Way! Has your sweet/savory tooth surfaced yet? Give us a call - or better yet, call our CRAZY Pastry Chef, Bill!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Think outside the candy box for Valentines Day!

Chocolates significance as a special gift dates back to the Aztecs; who presented cacao solids to the gods and consumed it only on very special occasions - hence it began to be seen as decadant and forbidden.
Chocolates association with Valentines Day conjurs up the vision of the infamous Russell Stover red paper heart box (which originated in 1888).
But Now!
We know dark chocolate is good for us. It's loaded with antioxidents which helps to get rid of free radicals that do all kinds of nasty things to our bodies. Single origin chocolate is chocolate made with beans from one region (or sometimes one farm) which is why I'm savoring a chunk of Venezuelan Gran Saman with a glass of Jonathan Edwards Winery Napa Valley Dark - a port style wine.
Here at A Thyme to Cook we are always cooking up crazy things with chocolate in our kitchen...tofu & chocolate??? It works! Come back for more great ideas in a couple of days

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nice Neighbors!!

Most of you know that we are neighbors with Allyn Brown, owner of Maple Lane Farms, famous for their perfectly fresh cut Christmas trees, berry and apple picking, and MOST importantly, growing the largest crop of blackcurrants in the country. We try to incorporate as much of his local produce in our menus--but what you may NOT know is that he recently built a huge greenhouse to grow the sweetest, most delicate hydroponic baby butter lettuce! He is currently (no pun intended) supplying Stop and Shop with his tender greens and we are so greatful to have such freshness literally a stone's throw away!

Thanks Allyn!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Creative Juices are Flowing!

January is supposed to be the ‘slow’ month for New England caterers!? This time of year we develop new menus, establish new guidelines, policies, and training manuals, repair and rejuvenate equipment, brainstorm new ideas, conduct tastings, and attend to details that can NOT wait til the last minute---especially since we are all Type –A freaks and don’t like surprises. The New Year is also crunch time for the International Caterers Assoc. Being on the Board and Membership Chair, I am constantly reviewing data, speaking with new (or potential) members throughout the world and trying to collaborate global interests among these catering companies. Included on my 'list of things to do,' is to create power point presentations to present at Catersource Conference, the annual meeting of 8,000 caterers (from Nigeria to Nebraska,) which takes place at the end of February. To add, Chef Shawn and I are looking forward to doing a joint seminar on new wedding menu ideas and trends in the catering industry; if we don’t kill each other, we’ll keep you posted on our presentation…

In the meantime, we have parties to get out and lots of snow to shovel!

Stay Warm!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthday With A View!!

It's a New Year and time for a new blog! 2011 promises to be an outstanding year for A Thyme to Cook and we want to keep you up to date with all that's going on.

AND--what better way to kick of 2011 than with a spectacular meal at PolytechnicON20 in Hartford. The ATTC team gave me the BEST birthday gift--a tasting menu at "ON20"--what a memorable night! The 10 courses were exquisite and each one offered a whole new explosion of mouth flavor!

But you need to hear about my favorite--"Scallop Ceviche"--presented on an individual champagne-colored salt plate (pure salt--ask us about those later--very cool but you do NOT want to wash these!) My first thought was that it was not an actual ceviche, as it was not icy-cold--but then the flavors and sensations wafted! The transparent slices of scallop were accompanied by my new favorite, "flavor adjunct"--espelette--in gelee form. It's not suprising that I loved this French chili pepper as it's renowned for being a staple in French Basque cuisine and the cornerstone for French Piperade, which made the combination of shaved scallop, citrus, shallot and ice-wine vinegar meding with the musky saltiness of the plate--devine!! And that was only 1 course!

Thanks to executive Chef Noel Jones and staff of "ON 20" for knowing how to stimulate a New Year with a BANG of flavor and taste!!