Friday, May 29, 2009

TRU-ly Organic!

How cool is alcohol!

We are excited to offer this new "green" liquor
from TRU Organic Spirits.

Some of what makes TRU "green" include:
Recyclable plastic corks;
Biodegradable labels of corn-based paper with soy ink;
Distilled from organic wheat;
The 620 gram bottle weighs less that your average booze bottle - which burns less fuel in transit!
TRU-ly Organic!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Can't get any fresher than this!

Check out the Asparagus that was just delivered from Campbell's Farm in Voluntown. 60 pounds for a wedding this weekend.....gorgeous!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Linda and Steve took their annual trip to Gilberties Herb Gardens in Easton, CT for this season's crop of herbs. Doug, our resident gardener is busy planting today!

Gilberties Herb Gardens have been growing for over 85 years with over 400 kinds of herbs available this year. They use 100% organic fertilizer and are 100% pesticide free.....maybe that is why they are the best herbs in the world!

Highlighted in this years A Thyme to Cook garden include Horehound, Evening Primrose, Silver Thyme, Lovage, Mountain Mint, African Blue Basil, Red Bush Basil and Pineapple Sage. You are sure to see them on your menus!! Our chefs literally step out the door to pluck what they need to ensure the freshest flavor.

If you are near Easton, swing by Gilberties - walking through their green houses is quite an experience!